This site is dedicated to all those who enjoy the experience of the ocean’s bounty and its wild, unforgettable beauty.

Surfboard fishing remains hollowed ground for but a very few die-hard fishermen. No doubt about it, we are hard-core ocean dwellers. We have developed a system for fishing in-shore and near-shore species using our surfboards as a platform to fish from.

There are a few different styles of surfboard fishing and ours is called the Alaimo Style. The Alaimo Style utilizes techniques to enable us to fish the elusive intertidal and subtidal zones of the Pacific coastline. These are coastal zones boat captains cannot penetrate without sufficient fear of being swamped by ocean waves, and surf anglers casting from the shore can only hope to penetrate 50 yards at best. The result is a zone of water parallel to the coast, rich in marine life, that very few can access and fish……..
except surfboard anglers!

Surfboards For Fishing