That is the million-dollar question, isn’t it?

30 Pound Halibut Caught on a Surfboard

30 Pound Halibut – And Yes Caught on a Surfboard!

Surfboard fishing combines the art of fishing with the sport of surfing. When we want to find a more productive spot, we neither motor up, nor break out the oars; instead, we catch a wave to another reef and begin again. Surfboard fishing is a strenuous exercise and is not recommended for everyone. Catches include monstrous Halibut, giant White Sea Bass, grumpy Sand Bass, brute Calico Bass, Corbina, croaker, perch, barracuda, sharks, and more…..

Imagine a 30 lb. halibut ripping line from your reel as you struggle to right yourself on your 10-footer. The drag is set loose, but you frantically kick your feet to face the head-high set barreling towards you. You take a deep breath and all goes white in an instant. Your mind is focused, your knuckles grip ever so slightly. A quick turn and you’ve regained control and pop out the back. She’s still on!

The fight is on and you have it! Never a dull moment in Surfboard Fishing…