Hundreds of dead sharks and other fish were found trapped in a ‘ghost net’ drifting across the Caribbean

 ghost net cayman islands dmartinmayes/Instagram

.A 27-year-old angler and diving trainer called Dominick Martin-Mayes found numerous sharks and other fish tangled in a drifting “ghost web” off the coast of the Cayman Islands. Based upon the variety of animals that were caught, it is most likely that the web had actually been cut adrift for a very long time. Inning accordance with Martin-Mayes, a number of the animals were so decayed that it was difficult to inform which types they were. .

Hundreds of dead fish and sharks have actually been found by scuba divers tangled in a big, deserted fishing web wandering off the coast of the Cayman Islands .

The drifting “ghost internet” has actually perhaps been trapping and eliminating sea life in its course for months, as it wanders throughout the Caribbean Sea . See the remainder of the story at Business Insider

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